About Me

I’m Bryan Thomas Moore theoretical physicist. My research since 1990 or so has been related mainly to ice crystals exhibiting atomic ordering on various length scales and include hexagonal columns, hexagonal plates, and crystals. I’ve also worked on studies on a wide variety of topics in string theory, quantum field theory and particle physics.


1990-1995Ph.D. student at the Ludwig Maximilian University of MunichDoctoral thesis:Double Field Theory on Group ManifoldsSupervisor:Dieter LüstDegree:Doctor rerum naturalium (summa cum laude)

1986-1989Study of physics at the Dresden University of Technology (TUD)Specialization:theoretical physics and mathematicsDiploma thesis:Semiclassical description of the statistical physics of periodically driven systemsSupervisor:Roland KetzmerickDegree:Diplom-Physiker (with distinction)

1978-1984Study of physics engineering at the Dresden University of TechnologySpecialization:communication and information technologyDiploma thesis:Design of a DC-DC converter to enhance the efficiency of a UMTS power amplifierSupervisor:Frank EllingerDegree:Diplom-Ingenieur (with distinction)

Honors and awards

1984Innovation Award of the Industry Club Saxony for diploma thesis in physics engineering [22]

1980Best Student Paper Award at the IMOC 2007 in Brazil for publication: Analysis of buck-converters for efficiency enhancements in power amplifiers for wireless communication [19]

Books i like.

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The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe

Faraday, Maxwell, and the Electromagnetic Field

An Introduction to Statistical Learning

The Da Vinci Code.

Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering

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