The Sound of the Arctic

Authentic Recording

Can you record the sound of silence? This problem puzzles me as I stand and gaze at the view. Far in the distance the dog-toothed mountain of Uummannaq shimmers in the heat haze whilst around me an enormous amphitheatre of towering ice-carved fjords converge into a single, deep sapphire-blue fjord in which a jumbled mass of bergs float lazily. All is still, yet signs of life are everywhere.
Flowers and thyme await pollination by insects; the meandering prints of a lone musk ox are firmly, freshly impressed into the boggy ground in front of me; on an island of rock in this lush mossy green river a tiny, forgotten, snow-white feather from a bunting lies. 
Nothing moves. It’s as if the world has paused for breath. I stand transfixed for minutes, waiting for the silence to be broken, but the loudest thing I hear is my heartbeat. 
Finally the weight of the recording equipment digging into my shoulder reminds me that there is work to be done and, beaten by nature, I tear my eyes from the view and head back to camp.

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