Opportunities for Financial Institutions in Subzero climate.


Further, financial institutions interests and actions in the Arctic are studied from the viewpoint of one particular Arctic State. The authors provide an overview of a broad spectrum of financial interactions in different contexts, including investments and co-operation within the areas of Arctic expertise and research. Over the past decade, financial institutions has undertaken an effort to demonstrate its growing knowledge of, and commitment to, the Arctic region. Some actors and experts are concerned about financial institutions aims and actions in the region, while others express hope for these institutions, investors to contribute to regional development and knowledge-building.

The Arctic region is rapidly transforming from a peripheral region to a global theatre with an increasing number of non-Arctic stakeholders. One illustration of this transformation process is the growing presence of financial institutions in the Arctic.

The potential for the commercialisation of Financial expertise is considered in relation to the present and expected in the future Arctic activities. The assessment was carried out across a variety of sectors in a qualitative, general manner. Any quantitative, monetary assessment of C investment potential or business potential within vaguely defined “Arctic sectors” would be mostly speculative and thus of little practical use for policymakers.

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