Pilots report UFO sighting over Arctic regions.

unidentified flying objects

Pilots have reported the sighting of unidentified flying objects on Nov. 24, as they flew over a river mine in the north arctic

The pilots reported that the sighting took place at about 8:30 p.m. local time.

Their incident report to Transport Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System gave few details about what they saw, but it suggested the sighting could have involved a weather balloon, meteor, rocket or another unidentified flying object.

On the CADORS report ,the unidentified flying object is referred to as CIRVIS/UFO, an abbreviation for “Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings” for a UFO.

As for what happen now to this report said that “with regards to next steps when reports like these are generated, it depends on the type of the incident reported,” and that “the information… should be treated as preliminary, unsubstantiated, and subject to change.”

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